The following articles set out the current Privacy Policy between Torpol LTD, a company registered in the Dominican under the registration number 19368 (hereinafter the "Seller") and you the purchaser/investor (the Client). This Privacy Policy articulates the legal applicable conditions for the strict compliance with different legislation, rules, and regulations.

Torpol LTD, along with its related entities (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), is responsible for the protection of Client privacy and the protection of Client personal and financial information. By opening an account with the Company, the Client hereby consents to the collection, processing, storage and use of personal information by the Company, as set out hereinafter.


Collection of personal information

The Company collects all the information necessary for the Client to open an account, to conduct transactions, to protect Client assets and privacy, and to provide its Clients with accurate services.

With the intention of providing an efficient service, the Company may, under specific circumstances, collect information from third parties (e.g., banks; credit reference agencies; debt collection agencies) that could enable the Company to establish Client profiles based on Client requirements and preferences.


Use of personal information

The Company uses the Clients’ personal information in order to provide Clients with (i) quality services, (ii) effective security, (iii) improvements to the Company’s services including internet-based services, and (iv) to inform its Clients of additional products or promotions when relevant.

If for any reason Clients do not wish to receive this type of information, they may contact the Company via e-mail at [email protected]


Protection of personal information

All of the personal information which the Client provides to the Company shall be treated as confidential and shared only within the Company and among its trusted affiliates and shall not be divulged to any third party unless otherwise required by applicable regulatory or legal processes. Should such disclosure become necessary as required by law or by a regulatory authority, the disclosure shall be limited to instances of genuine necessity that are in any case subject to authorization, unless otherwise specified by regulatory authorities. Under such circumstances, the Company shall expressly inform the third party with regards to the confidential nature of this information as well as the laws which protect this confidentiality.

The Company may share information with its affiliates or partners for reasons that are justifiable in order to provide products and services to its Clients. The Company may share information with its partners, affiliates and associates for the purpose of offering extra or similar products and services which meet Client needs, and moreover, to ensure that products or services are useful and relevant, and only if the Client has authorized the Company to do so.


Non-affiliate third parties

The Company does not sell Client personal information to third parties. The Company does not issue licenses, lease or disclose Client personal information to third parties, except as set out in this Privacy Policy.

The Company reserves the right to disclose personal information to third parties when disclosure is required by law, by regulatory authorities or else by government authorities. The Company may disclose information when required by tax authorities or debt collection agencies if justifiably requested, in order to provide services to the Company and/or to its Clients.

Furthermore, the Company may involve third parties to help carry out certain internal functions such as accounting, regulatory compliance, Client services, Client satisfaction surveys and other types of data collection for its business activity. The use of shared information is strictly limited to the provision of this privacy policy and is not permitted for any other purpose. All parties with which the Company shares personal information are required to protect this personal information in accordance with the relevant legislation. The Company shall not share personal information with third parties who it deems not trustworthy to provide Clients with the protection set out in this privacy policy.

In cases whereby Clients have been introduced by a Business Introducer, the said Business Introducer may have access to Clients’ personal information. Accordingly, Clients hereby consent to the disclosure of their personal information with the Business Introducer.


Client Contact

The Company may contact Clients either by phone or via e-mail with the purpose of offering further information about the Company, or for presenting any other offers including unique promotional offers. The Client agrees to be contacted for these purposes and in the context of the Company’s general terms and conditions as well as this Privacy Policy. Any person who does not wish to be contacted by the Company for the purposes of presenting offers must notify the Company either by phone or by email.

The Company is not responsible for the enforcement of privacy policies or for the content of websites for which displays links, and furthermore, the Company has no control over the use or protection of the information provided by Clients, or the information collected by those extraneous websites. Whenever a Client chooses to follow a link to a co-branded website or to any other website for which a link is available, Clients may be required to provide registration information or other kinds of personal information.

Please note that information submitted to extraneous websites, companies or third-parties in general, is governed by the privacy policies of those extraneous organizations.


Use of Cookies

The Company uses cookies to secure Client activity and to optimize the performance of The Company’s cookies do not contain personal information or any other information of private nature.

The Company may share statistics and browsing analytics from this website with advertising companies of recognized competence and with its own affiliate marketing companies. Please note, the information disclosed to such advertising companies shall not include any details relating to the personal identity of the Company’s Clients.

In order to maintain, improve or optimize, the Company may use third parties to track and analyze data relating to website usage and to statistical volume. Third parties may use cookies to monitor browsing activity and enable cookies on behalf of the Company. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie, is a small data fragment sent from a website and stored in your browser while you are on our website. We may store the data in this cookie in order to retrieve it when you return to our website, allowing us to better understand how visitors browse our website. Cookies do not enable the Company to access or obtain any information relating to anyone’s personal identity, nor do we keep IP addresses.

Furthermore, we use cookies for remarketing functions enabling us to reach users who have previously visited our website and have shown interest in our products. From time to time, we may use third-party vendors such as Google in order to display our advertising on the Internet, based on your previous use of our website. The Client can choose to prevent the use of cookies by Google at any time by visiting the Google Ad Settings page.


Privacy Policy Updates

The Company may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. In the event that the Company actually modifies the present Privacy Policy, including the manner in which it collects, processes and uses the Client’s personal information, the revised Privacy Policy shall be immediately notified on the Company’s website. Therefore, the Client hereby accepts the publication of any revisions or reforms to the present Privacy Policy without prior notice. The Company encourages its Clients to periodically review this Privacy Policy in order to always remain informed about the kinds of information the Company collects, how this information is used and who may have access to it, in compliance with the provisions set out in this Policy.



Any dispute concerning the Company’s Privacy Policy is subject to the present articles and to the Company’s Sales Agreement.