The following articles set out the current general terms of sale between Torpol LTD, a company registered under the registration number 19368, (hereinafter the "Seller") and you the purchaser/investor (the Client).



Prices for Torpol LTD products are quoted in Euros. Unless stated otherwise, prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes (value-added tax and other taxes applicable on the date of the order). Prices are exclusive of any treatment or shipping costs. For orders destined for countries outside of the country from where the products are shipped, the Client is the importer. Customs duties, import charges or other local taxes which may be applicable are not within the attention of the Seller. Expenses for declaration and payments to the appropriate authorities are the Client’s responsibility to perform. We recommend that Clients consult with the authorities in their country in order to clarify these issues.

All orders, whatever their origin, may be payable in USD / EUR / GBP.

The Seller reserves the right to change or vary prices at any time. However, products will be invoiced on the basis of rates current at the time of purchase order confirmation and subject to availability.

The products remain the property of the Seller until the Client has made payment in full. Attention: when the sale is concluded, the risk of loss or damage of the goods are transferred to you the client.



The Client may make purchase orders on the Seller’s website ( or by telephone. Sales contracts, invoices, and other information is presented in the English language and will be confirmed at the latest during checkout. The Seller reserves the right to refuse accepting payment and to refuse to confirm an order for any reason, especially in the event of supply problems, or in case of problems relating to purchase orders received.



Any order made on this website or by telephone implies acceptance of these general sales terms. Any confirmed purchase order implies the Client’s full acceptance of these general sales terms without exception or reservation. The Client is required to supply the Seller with a valid ID; a proof of address not more than three months old from the time of the initial purchase of the diamond/s. For purchase orders paid by credit card, the Client must present a color copy of the front and back of the credit card which was used (Seller will remind the Client to cover up the card’s CVV number). The Client acknowledges that all data recorded and confirmed will be regarded as valid proof of the purchase order transaction. Purchase order confirmations and acceptance of transactions must be signed. A summary of the Client’s purchase order and general conditions of sale will be sent in PDF format to the Client by e-mail as confirmation.



Purchase orders require you to pay the quoted price, stated either on the website or by one of the company’s sales representatives. The payment of your purchases is made either by credit cards or by bank transfer.

The company will apply an international payments systems rate should there be a need for one.



Our products are offered as advertised on this website. All products offered are subject to availability from our suppliers. In case of unavailability after placing your order, we will notify you by email. Your order will be canceled and no payment will be made. Furthermore, the Seller reserves the right to refuse orders exceeding a certain number of identical items.



Our products are stored in top security vaults located in duty-free zones in Antwerp, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong and New York. Our secured vaults are managed by the Brinks or Malca-Amit companies. The Client agrees that his/her purchases are stored in the Seller’s secure vaults. This service includes insurance against theft or damage of stored products. Secure storage may, (however not in all cases) be subject to a nominal annual fee. If you choose to terminate using the Seller’s vault storage for your purchased products, they will be delivered in the manner indicated in Article 8 herein.



You can opt for physical delivery of your purchases whereupon the delivery costs are at the Client’s expense. The products will be delivered to the shipping address provided during the order process, within the time specified on the order confirmation. In the event of delays with shipments, the Seller will send notice by email informing the Client of possible impacts on the delivery process. As required by law, in case of late delivery, the Client has the opportunity to cancel the order according to the terms and conditions of consumer law. The Seller cannot be held responsible for late delivery due exclusively to the unavailability of the Client after several proposals for appointment by the carrier.



In accordance with consumer law, the Client has a certain time period in which to exercise his/her right of refund without specific reasons and without payment of a penalty. Any returns should be made in their original condition and complete with packaging; accessories; certificate; sealed packaging and manual. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in liability for the Client. Any damage to products may result in a failed refund. Costs relating to returns are the Client’s responsibility. In accordance with consumer law, the right of refund does not apply to the provision of services fully executed before the end of the refund period and whose implementation began after prior express consent of the Client and the Client’s express renunciation of the right to refund. Therefore, if the Client opts for the physical delivery of purchased products beyond a period of 14 days after the storage of the product, the Client expressly waives the right to a refund. In case of exercising the right of refund, the Seller will refund the sums paid within 14 days of the notification of the Client’s application, by the same means of payment used when ordering.



The Seller’s products carry the legal guarantee of compliance and a guarantee against hidden defects. In case of non-compliance of a product sold, it can be returned, exchanged or refunded. All claims or requests for exchange or refund must be made in writing within 30 days of delivery. Products must be returned in the condition in which the Client received them, and with all the elements (accessories, packaging, manuals, etc). The Seller will reimburse the Client for shipping costs based on the rate charged and the cost of return will be refunded upon presentation of receipts. The provisions of this article do not prevent the Client from enjoying the right of refund provided for in Article 9 herein.



All products being offered, comply with British legislation. The Seller’s liability cannot be incurred for non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered. In regard to the possibilities of import or use of products or services you plan to order, it is the Client’s responsibility to check with local authorities. The Seller shall not be liable for damages resulting from misuse of the product purchased. Furthermore, the Seller shall not incur liability for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the

Internet, including an interruption in service, external intrusion or presence of computer viruses.
All the claims and disputes which are related to Armenian branch legal activity will be handled in accordance with the Armenian law.



All elements of the DiamondXO website are the exclusive intellectual property of the Site and its partners. No one is allowed to reproduce, use or repost elements of the DiamondXO's website whether it is software, visual or audio of as a whole or in separate parts, for any purpose whatsoever.

The Company and its Subsidiaries own or possess adequate rights or licenses to use all trademarks, trade names, service marks, service mark registrations, service names, patents, patent rights, copyrights, inventions, licenses, approvals, governmental authorizations, trade secrets and rights necessary to conduct their respective businesses as now conducted.



The Seller reserves the right to collect personal information and personal data to the extent necessary to manage your order and to maintain the services or information and communications which the Seller uses or provides to the Client. Information and personal data may be shared with companies who formally contribute to the Seller/Client relationship, such as, companies which are responsible for the execution of services and orders for their management, execution, processing, and payment. Information and data relating to the Seller’s clients are also stored for security purposes, as well as to meet legal and regulatory obligations. The Client has a right of access, rectification, and opposition to personal information and personal data directly on the Seller’s website.



The Seller archives purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable copy. The records of the Seller will be considered by all parties as proof of communications, orders, payments, and transactions between the parties.